When it comes time for your business to upgrade or replace your existing fire alarm, you may want to find a fire alarm installation service that can help you get started. Most jurisdictions require businesses to be inspected and tested on a regular basis so as to keep a valid certificate of occupancy. However, if you own a business with an alarm system, you will have to know the exact sensors of your system, malfunctioning modes, and proper installation requirements before testing the new system. Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of experts in this field who can help you. Consider these three questions before making your final decision. check here to learn more.

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First, what are the main components of your system? Are there multiple alarms, or is one main control panel and sensor? This first question is important so that you don’t end up with a bunch of different components that require different tests and servicing. Many businesses make the mistake of purchasing an alarm system that has multiple components. Unfortunately, if these components stop working, your entire system could fail. So, when selecting a fire alarm installation service, you’ll want to make sure that you get one main control panel and one sensor for each room or area in your building.

Second, are you going to require detectors? These detectors are installed near the building so that they can quickly alert control personnel if there is a fire or other emergency. There are many different types of detectors, and you’ll definitely want to consider yours. For example, there are surface mounted smoke detectors, water based detectors, and electrical ground faults. Just keep in mind that if your commercial fire alarm system uses an alarm with more than one detector, each detector will need to be certified separately.

Third, are you looking for commercial fire alarm systems that include wireless components? Years ago, commercial fire alarm systems included wired components; however, these systems have become outdated because of technological advancements. Wireless components are a good choice because they are easier to install and easier for your fire safety monitoring staff to deal with.

Fourth, is your fire alarm system monitored by a phone line? This is a great option if you aren’t working with a live operator. However, there are many advantages to a live person being monitoring your system. For example, a live person can respond faster to your calls than an automated machine. Plus, you can monitor your detectors in real time and troubleshoot problems as they arise. On the other hand, automated detectors may not always be available when you need them.

Fifth, is your system based on either fixed temperature alarms or heat detectors? If your business is located in a building where the average room temperature is eighty or ninety degrees Fahrenheit, then heat detectors may be more appropriate. Heat detectors rely on external temperature spikes to trigger their self-defense mechanism. On the other hand, fixed temperature detectors rely on internal fluctuations within the building to trigger the alarm. For this reason, fixed temperature detectors are better suited to commercial businesses with many rooms. In order for your system to work effectively, it must be set up in each of your rooms at the same time.

Sixth, is your system monitored by a telephone line? While most commercial fire alarms systems are properly installed using telephone lines, there are some exceptions. In fact, you may be able to install a fire alarm system using radio waves. Unfortunately, this option presents some unique security risks. Radio waves are difficult to detect and can go for miles without being detected.

Seventh, are you concerned about smoke detectors? Most modern smoke detectors are hardwired into the system and provide real time warning. Unfortunately, they have also been known to trip land mines in war zones. While we understand your concerns, a reputable fire alarm installation company should be able to help you install smoke detectors that have a much longer life span.