Float therapy is a unique therapeutic massage developed in San Diego, California and now popular worldwide. Float therapy is a type of therapeutic massage in which the massage therapist floats on a specialized massage float, usually a silicone gel pad used for exercising and cooling purposes, to massage certain points of the body. Many people enjoy this unique therapeutic massage because it is a completely painless and relaxing experience. One does not need to have any prior medical knowledge to practice float therapy; it can be performed by anyone as the patient lies on his/her back on a specially designed float. Do you want to learn more? Visit original site

The first thing that will happen during the therapy session is the massage therapist will manually access the body’s pressure points and apply targeted pressure to cure aches and pains. Once done, the client will be free to do anything and the therapy session will be over in no time at all. Float therapy offers a number of advantages over other traditional forms of therapeutic massage like Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage. Here are some of the reasons why float therapy is better than the rest.

First and foremost, floating is the only form of therapeutic massage that does not require positioning. This means that one will not be in any pain or discomfort. The client will be in a reclined position while the therapist administers the massage and the patient will receive immediate relief from strain and tension. In addition, one will not be required to bear weight to move on the float either. For a person who has back problems, this is the perfect therapy as one will not have to worry about extra weight hanging down with the therapist. In addition, the therapy will take less time and there is no need for a scalding hot towel or heated compress.

The float also helps a client to relax because there is no need for moving the body to achieve comfort. For instance, when lying on the ground, the body experiences gravity and the feeling of tightness will lead to discomfort. When using the float, the therapist places his or her hands just above the heart and the client feels nothing at all. The pressure of the body will be released and a relaxed body will receive therapeutic massage.

Another important factor is that one will never feel as though the therapist is grabbing his or her body. This happens when the person lies on the floor and the weight of the body is exerted on it. With the float, a client will feel as if he or she is lying in a hammock. It is because the float provides an even weight distribution throughout the entire body. If there was any uneven pressure, there would be a risk of injury to one’s neck or back.

Finally, one can receive float therapy without fear of a massage therapy session turning into a painful ordeal. The float comes with straps which ensure that the body will remain in the reclined position. This means that there will be no risk of the person rolling over onto his or her stomach. There is no need to worry about pain because the therapy will go according to the instructions given by the therapist.

When the client lies on the float for the first time, he or she will feel as though nothing at all is going to happen. The therapist will place his or her hands in the area just above the heart. As each float is applied, the client’s body will feel better. Even those who are in great pain will experience some relief. Some people may even feel like they have slept for hours just after receiving this kind of therapy. This is because the therapy targets the deep tissues of the body.

One should not be afraid of the float. Float therapy is safe for everyone regardless of health issues and age. The only precaution should be on how the therapist manipulates the float. A good therapist makes sure that the patient does not feel uncomfortable during the whole float experience. The right float will make for a more therapeutic treatment.