A plumber is often referred to as a licensed professional who posses a specific education or specialized training to repair, service or install plumbing systems. A plumbing service does not only involve repairing, installing or maintaining plumbing systems but also involves preventive maintenance for leakages and prevent wastage of water. In fact, most households, offices and large establishments have plumbing systems, and a plumber is often hired to maintain the system and make necessary repairs and replacements whenever needed. Rocketman Plumbing is an excellent resource for this. A plumber’s services are required for many installations including the following: water pipes, fire-extinguishers, septic tank, garbage disposal system, water heater, faucets, toilets, sinks, bath tubs, shower heads, bath lifts, drain pipes, septic system and others. In order to ensure that the plumber possesses all the relevant qualifications as per the given plumbing code or other requirements, it is important that the plumber acquire the services of a plumbing service provider.

A plumbing service ensures that all the basic requirements of a house or office are well maintained. With the help of professionals, a plumber can fix or replace plumbing pipes in the home or office building. A plumbing service company hires certified and licensed plumbers who possess all the skills, knowledge and experience to perform all kinds of work related to pipes and water drainage systems. Most of the plumbing companies also provide steam cleaning and degreasing of both in-house and out-house systems.

A plumber may offer various services related to water heater repair. He may also offer installation or replacement of water heaters. Some of the basic services that a plumbing service offers include: pipe wrench set, gas and electric line repair, installation and replacement of water heaters, air conditioning system installation and repair, toilet and plumbing installation, and drainage problems. Other plumbing service offers include: septic tank pumping and collection, garbage disposal, sink and drain cleaning, foundation crack repair, foundation damage repair, floor and wall tile and plaster repair, brick repair, stone repair, exterior drainage repair, underground piping repairs, and septic tank and sewage treatment systems. The experienced plumbers also offer repair and installation of fireplaces, water heaters, and oil heating systems.

The plumbing services offer different kinds of pipes and their applications include: PVC pipes, copper pipes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester fiberglass, copper pipes, bent steel, cast iron, brass, copper and PVC joints. The specialized plumbing services make use of state-of-the-art machines like hydro jetting, high pressure injection, gravity drainage, and trenching. They also offer repair and replacement of water pipes, sewer lines, storm drain liners, sanitary sewer lines, garbage disposal lines, water heater repair, gas and electric line repair, ceramic water transfer lines, telephone line repairs, hot water tank repair, ice cream pipe repair, gas and electric vent line repairs, garbage disposal line repair, and septic tank and sewage treatment system repairs. Other services offered by the plumbing services include home repair and improvement, home painting and designing, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, kitchen and bathroom design, basement remodeling, floor and wall upgrading, and ceiling and wall replacement.

The professional plumbing services make use of high quality raw materials for carrying out various plumbing works. They follow standard quality control measures and utilize advanced techniques and equipment to carry out the works without any errors. The trained plumbers also test the pipes and drains properly prior to fixing them on a customer’s premises. For repairing sewer and drain lines, the plumbing company ensures superior quality workmanship and assures timely completion of related works.

Most of the plumbers work independently or under the a company contract. They usually have their own tools and equipments. They are required to purchase and fix all the equipment and tools in proper and efficient manner. Most of the plumbing service providers also use latest and updated technologies for carrying out various plumbing works such as borehole installation, flexible hose drilling, trenching, flexible pipe bending, laser testing, etc.

The plumbing service company offers flexible installation option to cater to different customer requirements. They handle the whole plumbing system including lavatory fittings, bath fittings, fixed shower heads, dishwashers, washing machine connections, faucets, showers, drainpipes, drainage systems, kitchen sink and countertops, etc. They offer the services to commercial customers as well. Various types of fixtures are available for the purpose. For example, they can install sanitary drainpipes and traps for sanitizing water before it is released into the drainage system. They can also install conduit for gas and electrical conduit connections.

Another gray area that the plumbing service provider has to deal with is the gray water treatment. In case the water meets the environmental standards, it is categorized as potable and the household waste is sent for water treatment plants for purification process. The licensed plumbers know the requirement for potable water treatment and can provide you with the best solution for your problems.