The new XTRE cooling and refrigeration line from Xtreme Cool Inverter Company is sure to bring new life to your ordinary refrigerator. Invented by a leading refrigeration expert, the XTRE line is not only energy efficient but also stylish and eye-catching. The company is constantly bringing out new designs for both commercial and residential users. These new products are all about enhancing the performance of the existing ones while minimizing their power consumption too. If you are interested in purchasing one of these, it is advisable to get one that comes with an in-built inverter. check here

The majority of the newer models from the company come with the new XTRE Cool Inverter Refrigerator. It incorporates an efficient dual-function cooling system. With its on/off switch, you can turn off the freezer as well as the refrigerator while leaving the cooling unit on to maintain constant room temperature. This model of fridge includes a compressor that compresses warm air indoors and provides enough cold air to the condenser coils. Hence, the air remains cold and does not heat up the interiors of your home appliances.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that these new refrigerators have been crafted using advanced technology. The XTRE Cool Inverter refrigerator includes thermostat control that allows you to pre-set the thermostat to suit your desired room temperature. Other features include separate cooling and heating units with separate controls, variable speed fans, stainless steel construction, dual-chambered doors, and more.

These refrigerators come with two options – the bottom loading and top loading. The bottom loading has been found to be more energy-efficient than the top loading types. While the latter is said to be more energy-efficient than the former, it comes with some trade-offs as well. These models are not too big in size and consume less electricity. They also come with an aluminum finish, stainless steel front, and a freezer door with a drawer.

The Cool Inverter Pro is a slightly costly but highly efficient model. It comes with a refrigerator with dual-chambered doors, stainless steel exterior, and a compressor. It is the most expensive among the various models of this brand of refrigerator. It even has a five year or unlimited mile warranty that comes along with the purchase of this product.

The Lifestyle Refrigerator by Xtreme Cold Storage is considered to be the best selling model of this brand. It is very classy and can complement well any kind of kitchen. It is highly energy-efficient as well, which is why many homeowners choose to buy this refrigerator. The most notable feature of these models is that they come with self-cleaning compartments. These models have ice and water dispensers as well, making them more convenient to use.

One of the newest models of this refrigerator brand is the Miniature Refrigerator. These models are smaller and ideal for space-saver. They only hold about three cubic meters of space, but this small size does not compromise on functions and features. Most of these units are made with white plates and bowls, and come with easy-to-read manuals. These refrigerators do not draw much power from the outlet and use moderately sized fans to speed up cooling.

One of the most popular brands of this refrigerator is the Energy Star branded version. These come with a sticker on them informing users that they qualify for tax incentives. When the refrigerator is running, it consumes a lot less power. It is also more environmentally safe than other traditional refrigerators. Many consumers find that buying this type of Xtreme Cool Inverter Refrigerator will save them money in the long run.