JASNO shutters, blinds, roman blinds and vertical blinds“I’m delighted to introduce Shuttercraft Dorset. It’s one of the most popular companies in the country for window blinds. They’re known across the country for providing quality window blinds with a personal touch. They have a firm commitment to our customers and their clients and will always put customer first. The Shuttercraft team strives to make your DIY window shutters as easy to fit and use as possible. To get learn more about the Shuttercraft Dorset – Shutter Blinds Bournemouth

“Dorset has got it all. Quality, value for money, and friendly service. I’ve had a lot of doubts about Shuttercraft before getting in to them, but once I tried them I was completely sold. Installed well and easily, wood window shutters are a joy to use and have really improved my home as a result. Shuttercraft are well worth considering for all your interior shutters.”

“We’ve been using Shuttercraft Dorset products for over a decade now, and are delighted with the results. Our house is not only warmer and more comfortable, but also more reflective of its surroundings. Installing interior shutters is quite labour intensive, but our fitted Dorset window treatments have a real ‘old-world’ charm about them. The colours available are gorgeous, and really help to enhance the decor of any room. We’ve also managed to keep costs to a minimum, which is important when you’re a modest home owner.”

“I think that anyone who has ever seen our home will agree that we have chosen Shuttercraft carefully. It’s a brand that looks and feels like an extension of our homes, with great attention to detail. Once we had decided to buy our DIY wood window treatments, we knew that Shuttercraft were going to be the ideal company to deal with throughout the installation process. We are so happy that we stuck with them – the team we found was excellent, knowledgeable and helped us to find the perfect window shutters poolee.

“It certainly did take us a while to find exactly what we wanted, but the end result was fantastic. From the installation of our wooden shutters to adding our indoor shutters to our homes, Shuttercraft delivered on every single point. The quality and variety of products was great, as well as the prices. All in all, we are really impressed by Shuttercraft’s ability to offer such a diverse range of products for such a low starting price. We really cannot recommend their products enough – we have saved a lot of money through the years.”

“We purchased a few different door and window treatments online, but found Shuttercraft Dorset to be by far the best choice for both its range of products and customer service. The wood window treatments arrived in a timely manner, without any damage or missing pieces, and we were very impressed with the quality of the shutters. Our main aim when selecting indoor shutters was to choose something which went with the rest of our house, but we also wanted something which looked stylish and fit in with our home. We’re really happy with the results. We can really see why Shuttercraft Dorset has become such a popular brand.”

The Shuttercraft Dorset company is located in Newquay, Cornwall and is led by a team of enthusiastic, hardworking people who really care about the products they sell. The company also uses high quality parts and makes sure that they’re compatible with many different kinds of shutter systems. This means that whether you’re looking for Venetian blinds or cedar storm doors, Shuttercraft Dorset can help you find exactly what you need, leaving you free to concentrate on your other projects or on entertaining. The selection of shutters is also great, and the staff are helpful and extremely efficient when it comes to making you understand exactly how the products work.

The installation process itself is relatively simple. There are videos to watch if you get stuck at any point, as well as useful set out instructions that make it possible for you to put the shutters up yourself – even if you don’t know a thing about wood works or DIY! One of the nicest features of Shuttercraft Dorset is that they provide a lifetime guarantee on all of their products. So long as you keep the shutter panels clean, using the correct screws and no insect control, there’s no reason why the shutter can’t last you a lifetime. And as with most DIY projects, the more skilled the person, the faster and easier the job is going to be. It’s a winning combination!